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Mental Health Expert | Biohacker | Author | Primal Life Coach
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March 13th, 2018
7 years ago Lester Savage was morbidly obese (22½ stone / 313 lbs), suffered from extreme anxiety and depression, and was on a self-destructing path. But then something incredible happened... he hit rock-bottom. Well, actually he hit something which he now refers to as threshold. What he decided led him on a whirlwind of personal growth and changed his life forever!

He read over 300 books ranging from neuroscience, biology, nutrition, fitness, psychology, philosophy and self development. He immersed himself and trained in a number of different therapies, including: neuro-linguistic programming, solution focused psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, hypnotherapy, emotional freedom techniques, mindfulness and more. He travelled to Poland and spent time with the Iceman Wim Hof to learn how to endure sub-zero temperatures. He’s even spent over a year living in a Buddhist centre to explore his spirituality and meditation.

Doing these things didn’t just make Lester feel better, they made him feel super-human. He transformed his body and he transformed his mind. The ‘Primal Life Method’ is the outcome from all of this.

Lester lost over 100 lbs through the strategies he taught himself, and completely turned his life around from a life of depression & anxiety.
Summiting England's highest mountain in -15°C wearing only shorts.
Lester trained directly with 'The Iceman' Wim Hof, a multiple world record holder in cold exposure.
Becoming Biochemically Sober
Available globally on Amazon for $17.99 / £12.99, ‘Becoming Biochemically Sober: 7 Steps To Increase Health, Happiness And Unlock The Superhuman Within’ is the book written by Lester Savage which uses an incredible mixture of anthropology, neuroscience, psychology, biology, fitness, nutrition and biohacking to help the reader understand what it means to be a healthy human in the 21st century and how they can consistently feel superhuman. 

Author: Lester Savage
Category: Self-Help , Health
Print ISBN: 978-1-5272-2099-7  

Primal Life Method
The Primal Life Method is an effective scientifically proven 7 step online course to dramatically change your biochemistry and become the person you were born to be. Lifetime course access is available for just $397 / £297 and includes 60+ videos, training in meditation, cold exposure, power breathwork, solution focused therapy, an introduction to neuroscience based therapy, the most effective principles of cognitive behavioural theory and neuro-linguistic programming, plus the Becoming Biochemically Sober book, a course workbook and 12 week plan, relaxation MP3, plus a 30 minute phone consultation with Lester. 
ANTHROPOLOGY - By knowing the way our caveman ancestors lived we can understand how our body and mind has evolved to thrive and why our modern lifestyle choices are going against our evolution.  
PSYCHOLOGY - Why knowing something on a logical level and an emotional level can be the difference between life and death.
HYPNOTHERAPY - A range of mental tools and techniques to re-shape our reality and help us to transform ourselves into the people we want to be.
COLD EXPOSURE - How to endure extreme cold for health benefits, mainly using power breathing techniques.
NEUROSCIENCE - How the brain works, why we suffer from depression, anxiety and other mental disorders, and the science behind stress.
Lester filming for his online course.
Lester meditating in -3‎°C snow.
Lester using a neurofeedback machine, training his brain.
1. Why living within our evolutionary parameters will give us increased energy, mental clarity and an abundant level of joy!
When we look at the full scale of our species existence (homo sapiens), the emergence of our homo lineage dates back 2 million years, and of that, anatomically modern humans date back nearly 200,000 years. So, when we view the full scale of our existence, living in agricultural societies represents only 5% of our collective experience at most when comparing to our time spent in hunter gatherer social groups.

You have the body of a caveman. What this means is that your body, even the way that every neuron is wired to transmit electricity when you think, has been made perfectly. It has evolved incredibly over millions of years to survive and reproduce for maximum efficiency within society. We just have to understand that this maximum efficiency is for a society that lived 50,000 years ago.

Thankfully we don’t need to return to a primitive style of living to also experience the same natural energy, mental clarity and abundance of joy experienced by our ancestors (provided by neurotransmitters which are currently lacking in 1 in 3 of modern-day people). By making small lifestyle changes and working within the correct evolutionary parameters we can begin to produce a consistent flow of these neurotransmitters too.

2. Why the NHS is at breaking point and won't be fixed anytime soon!
In the fast-paced environment that we live in, when it comes to issues regarding our health and overall happiness we’ve begun to disregard the source and only tackle the symptoms. This can benefit us short-term but in the long-term only make it worse. If you think about it, doing it this way is completely illogical. 

If you saw an alcoholic staggering side to side trying to walk up a hill one symptom he’d be expressing is stumbling. What’s the best way to help this man? It would be to get him sober. By getting him permanently sober and tackling the source, the symptom of him staggering would vanish just as a by-product of this change. In a society that treats symptoms, instead of getting this man sober it would be the same as me looking at him and thinking ‘oh that man is stumbling sideways, I should get him some crutches’. In the short-term that would work great and help him get up the hill in a straight line but we have a problem - he’s still drunk. The source of the issue hasn’t been tackled.

As long as poor mental and physical health (often due to lifestyle choices) continue to rise and the government continues to focus on tackling the symptoms and not the source, the NHS will continue to struggle.

3. This 30 second daily trick reduces stress, inflammation, injury and depression!
If you have a cold shower in the morning (a cold blast for just 30 seconds), your body releases a neurotransmitter in your body that makes you more alert, focused and attentive for the rest of the day. How many of us are walking into work in the mornings feeling sluggish and not fully awake yet? When we have noradrenaline running through our brain and body we have no choice other than to be on peak. I know I’d certainly prefer to start my day feeling alert and ready rather than feeling like I need a rest before I’ve even begun!

Studies have shown that when people take cold showers over warm showers it causes their white blood cell count to increase. Cold water immersion also has links with increases of T and B lymphocytes which are the cells used to defeat pathogens, meaning it increases and strengthens our immune system.

Sarah had been on anti-depressants since the age of 16. Then, simply by exposing herself to cold water just twice a week for 3 weeks she was able for the first time in 8 years to half her medication. Cold exposure is proven to defeat inflammation, reduce stress and depression.

Please contact JAMES HOLDEN at for more information
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